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    [EU] Need dedicated server


    I am looking for a dedicated server provider from UK, Netherlands or Germany.

    CPU : Any Dual Core is OK; CPU speed is not very important
    HDD : 2 x 160 or 2 x 250 GB; SATA, No RAID
    RAM : 2 GB or 4 GB
    OS : Windows 2003 Enterprise or Standard Server (English)
    (Note: we are not interested in any Linux/Unix, only Windows please)
    Bandwidth : 1.000 GB per month (10 M or 100 Mbps
    IPs : 17 usable IP

    The server will be fully unmanaged, we just want hardware support. Our only request is;
    - Install Windows 2003 Server into primary hard disk, give IPs to NIC and send us the Remote Desktop information. The rest setups will be made by us (DNS, IIS, Hosting Control Panel, Mail Server, FTP Server, MySQL, MS SQL, etc.)

    Server will be used for hosting purposes, no IRC or adult sites will be hosted.

    Payments will be done monthly, via Credit Card or PayPal, you just tell us. No yearly contracts for the beginning please.

    Thanks in advance

    Hayri Dumanli
    Istanbul, Turkey

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    little suggestion:

    you should consider getting RAID on your HDD.

    and this should be located in a different spot.

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