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    Can I keep the same SSL Cert when I transfer servers?

    I just migrated my website over from a reseller account that I had at RZ to my own VPS.

    Can I keep the same CRT/KEY/CERT that I was using before or do I have to get another one?

    I was using Cpanel, now I have DirectAdmin

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    I believe that the SSL Cert maybe transferred as long as you are the owner of that cert.

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    I believe most SSL companies will charge you a fee for transferring. If its a cheap SSL certificate (such as RapidSSL), more often than not its easier just to get a new SSL certificate...

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    Quote Originally Posted by zincoxide View Post
    Can I keep the same CRT/KEY/CERT that I was using before or do I have to get another one?
    The key and cert are tied to the DNS name (CommonName in cert-speak), not the actual server itself. You can move the key and cert between servers, and you can even have the same key/cert combination installed on multiple servers to facilitate load-balanced clusters.

    So yes, you can use your existing cert(s) without paying a fee or do anything more than copying the certs to your new server.
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    Great reply spaethco

    Well looks like you have your question answered ^^

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    Thanks very much! Now I have another question that hopefully someone can help me with.

    I have got everything working after migrating my site EXCEPT for the SSL. I tried going in and using the same SSL cert and it wasn't working. So, I contacted Geotrust and I was able to re-issue the cert. It still isn't working.

    Can someone give me a step-by-step on how to first delete what I have already done (meaning delete any certs that I have uploaded), and then give me a step by step on how to install one properly?


    Please note that I'm using DirectAdmin

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