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    Plesk: Number of maximum hosts on a box?

    Are there any experienced Plesk users able to tell me if there are any resources out there, that can suggest per specific Server, i.e Core2Duo, 2GB RAM, etc, which is able to support a certain number of hosts which has a % of load on the server?

    LOL, well thats kinda long. In short, is there a general rule of thumb or documentation that can tell you, for whatever spec. You can have 50, 100, 200 servers for a box?

    I tried googling and say for Windows, I can find this information, but for mysql, apache, plesk. I couldnt find anything.

    I know this is a very open ended question, so please bear with it

    Any ideas?

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    One large site? or hundreds of small ones.. to many factors. Rule of thumb? watch system load and disk IO and load up one machine, move onto the next once thats done look at box one again and see the load, add more to box one.

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    You cannot say a specific number for the accounts that can be hosted in a server. If you have a forum or some other database driven site which is very busy, you may need that server all alone for that account. But if they are just some html pages, you may be able to host a lot.

    It will be almost impossible to make a rule of thumb for the number of accounts that can be hosted in a server.
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    Also remember that sites may start off small using minimal space and bandwith but they may soon grow using more of the disk space and bandwith on there package, so overloading the server with small sites might not be a good idea in the long run if 10 of them start getting a shed load of traffic.
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