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    [Hiring] Level 1-3 support staff, Unix admins, all shifts.

    We are seeking support Levels 1, 2 and 3, meaning the higher level should be able to handle administration tasks. Level 1 should also be able to handle live chat. All levels should be able to handle phones, if needed. These jobs are telecommute, so provided you have a stable Internet connection and can be reached via email, phone and/or an instant messenger service, you are at least 18 years of age, and you can speak and type proficiently in English, then that is all we require for you to qualify to apply for the positions.

    You must be very familiar with Linux (RHEL and CentOS). FreeBSD/OpenBSD experience is a bonus. Must have experience with both Apache 1.x and 2.x, SSL (mod_ssl), PHP (mod_php, phpsuexec and suphp), CGI, BIND (knowledge of tinydns is a bonus), Exim (experience with qmail and postfix are pluses), experience with Cpanel/WHM and installing/configuring it as well as addons such as Fantastico and rvSkin. Knowledge of DirectAdmin is a bonus. Knowledge of Pure-FTPD is required (ProFTPD and Wu-FTPD are pluses). MySQL 4 and 5 experience is a must, as are basic knowledge of networking and protocols such as TCP/IP.

    All levels of support must understand issues with many email and FTP programs across different operating systems for client issues, as well as things such as a basic understanding of CGI, PHP, Perl, HTML, forms, permissions, ownerships, and general configurations of software, services and site design/structures. You must also be familiar with Courier imap, Mailman, and basic things such as POP3, SMTP, spam filtering, SpamAssassin, Boxtrapper, etc. More advanced levels should be capable of compiling custom kernels from source and including patches, to patching and modifying code or configurations when compiling or modifying other software (such as custom tweaks to Apache's source code, or when compiling OpenSSL, for example).

    We are not impressed by certificates alone (they are meaningless), and are not swayed by completed courses regarding IT, programming and computers in general, but you should posses real knowledge and experience, everything from detecting and dealing with hardware issues, to configuration problems, to understanding how processes work and be able to track abuse issues or the cause of loads or high i/o on a system on any level (drive read, networking, other bottlenecks, and so on). Payments made by check, paypal or money wire bi-weekly or once monthly, depending on what you want. We have full and part time openings. If you are in a town where we have an office or plan to set up an office, then it's certainly beneficial. Please email [email protected] with your resume and salary requirements. Failure to include both will see your resume put on file only and you will not be considered for the position. Thank you.
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    I have emailed my resume and salary requirements.

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    and what company is this...
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    Email sent.

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    Mohamed Fouad
    best regards
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    Another outsourced company here.... if you're interested.
    Support Facility | Your 24/7 outsourcing partner!
    Technical support | Server management
    Fantabulous hosting technical support

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    I have sent you an email and have added you in AIM.
    Back after a long time!

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    Email Sent, Please Check.

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    I have sent an email. Please check and get back to me if you have further queries.

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    I am Smith. I am well exp in handling and troubleshooting cpanel servers. I am well exp in all the service and tolls you specified above. I am looking forward to do freelance support. Since am a freelancer I will be more affordable to you. I am senting my resume to your id. And looking forward for your reply.

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