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    Question RightNow Software?

    How much does one of these babies cost?

    I knwo they are bit over 30grand, but how much actually?

    Anyone had any luck with them, is there flexible pricing?

    Also.. is there another cheap alternative to RightNow software?

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    I would contact Deb with Future Quest. She post here often. They use this software.

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    I'd have to recommend skipping RightNowWeb at this time. We were happy with them for a while but over the past year things have changed dramatically and we too are on the hunt for a better solution. (We began using RNW in early 2000)

    I understand their current pricing may be up as high as $80,000 for a two year license!!! (Note YOU CAN TALK THEM DOWN) at least we were able to for our past two 2year purchases. However, at their current rate increase I find it hard to recommend them and not worth even trying for a discount.

    We've found their own support to have gone downhill by leaps and bounds -- unless of course you enjoy the "We'll get back to you on that" type response that gets dumped on the floor.

    They have also restricted their latest version to ONLY working with the latest versions of IE (*nix users / Netscape users need not apply) this applies to the backside not the end user side.

    The end user side works fine for later versions of NS and IE but Opera users need not apply...

    We've also found that RNW is TERRIBLY SLOW to respond/fix recent security issues we've discovered.

    Now - for the cruel reality. In my latest searches for a replacement I've so-far found nothing that satisfies our needs. RightNowWeb satisfies about 80% of our requirements and everything else I've found so far satisfies about 10%

    I'm still hunting though I may end up just paying for an in-house programmed-for-us solution.

    I am APPALLED at the amount of bad software there is out there in this area and doubly appalled at the software with the guts to charge over 10k for something we can match off of the free script sites. This particular subject has me

    Note: If you are working with a small number of emails and less than 5 staff members then there are probably many low-cost solutions that will work. The problem I've found begins once you have more staff and more emails to work with.
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    thanks for the heads up deb. i had righnow on my sights but since you mentioned it, i'd reconsider if anyone were to know better about using rightnow solutions, it would be you...
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