Hello everyone,
As the title says, I am selling a unique design wordpress theme named Blue Glory.

The theme has

  • Unique Design
  • Is widget ready
  • Tags included as default
  • Easy to edit
  • Pleasant look
  • Customized homepage coding to highlight your preferred categories and its posts
  • Only limited number of blogs will be using the same theme (unless you buy it as owned license, then you'll be the only owner)
  • It's cheap
  • Includes support during the install and modification of the rss feed subscription as well as support to call the latest posts on homepage.

The theme is being sold under limited copies, only 10 leased license copies will be sold and each copy costs $65. Or you can purchase the theme as unique / owned license, for $550 and be the sole owner and have rights to do whatever you like with the theme. (note: If theme will sell one leased license copy and the copy will be delivered purchasing it as unique will not be available any longer).

I would also like to let you know a new feature that has been released at xhtml coding together with the release of this theme, our affiliate program. With our affiliate program you can earn 20% of commission of every sale we will generate through your affiliate ID.

More informations about this unique blog design can be found at our website. If you have any questions regarding the sale you can contact me here via PM, on this thread or via email through the contact form. One thing I would like to highlight tho, all sales must be made via the website and not privately.

Thank you everyone.