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    What do you seek in a Knowledgebase/Support script?

    I am working on a Knowledgebase script in PHP5 right now. I will be releasing it for free!! What features are a must/do you miss in other scripts? I might be adding a ticket system too and other features.

    Looking forward to some answers

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    Being able to search the knowledgebase using AJAX would help find information faster, I suppose, Canadian hosting based on high-availability w/ 24/7 bilingual (French) support & 100% uptime -> Toll free phone support
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    so a live search? nice idea!

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    A knowledgebase script without some kind of integrated helpdesk or contact manager is pretty much useless for us.

    If a customer is searching our KB and doesn't find the answer... then what?

    What I would like to see is a KB that clearly integrates regular text articles (HTML editor for admin like tinyMCE, etc..), video tutorials (with searchable tags, so they appear in searches), and a support/helpdesk where the customer can ask a question if they can't find what they need.

    When asking a question, the KB should be searched in realtime as they are typing, and answers should be presented so they can see them as they fill out the support request. This way, if the KB contains anything usefull (including flash videos, since they're tagged), they can just click to open and a support ticket is not needed.

    Kayako does most of this already, but lacks ability to tag videos and include them in the KB.

    Basically, if you "copy" Kayako, and add this feature, then you'll be gold.
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