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    * PE2950 - Dual QC Xeon 1.6GHz, 8GB RAM, 6 x 146GB 10k SAS --- $325!

    Before diving into the premium dedicated server market, I'm trying to determine the demand for these servers at this extremely competitive price point.

    I have decided to run one of these brand new servers to obtain that information and to see how it goes. Please note, I have only one server to offer at this time. This server will go to the first qualified client.

    This is your dream virtual box!

    Dell Power Edge 2950
    Dual Quad Core Xeons 1.6GHz (Clovertowns) 1066MHz FSB
    8GB 4x2GB 667MHz Fully Buffered DIMMs
    6 x 146GB 10k SAS Drives
    PERC 5/i Hardware Raid-10 (recommended) or Raid-5
    Dell Remote Access Card (KVM, Remote Reboot, Mount Virtual Media)

    FDC Servers Data Center
    100Mbps Premium Internap Port - Full Duplex
    1000GB Transfer/month ($.20/Additional 1 GB)
    6 IPs (Additional free w/ justification)

    Need Windows? Lease a license:

    Web: $15/month
    Standard: $25/month

    Need Virtuzzo? Lease a license:

    3 VPS: $45/month
    5 VPS: $59/month
    10 VPS: $69/month
    20 VPS: $99/month
    30 VPS: $125/month
    40 VPS: $138/month
    60 VPS: $189/month
    80 VPS: $219/month
    100 VPS: $245/month

    Need a Control Panel?
    cPanel: $25/month
    Helm: $25/month
    Plesk: $25/month
    Directadmin: $7/month
    Fantastico: $5/month
    RVSkin: $5/month

    Need VPS Control Panels?
    VPS cPanel: $7/month
    VPS Directadmin: $7/month

    Monthly: $325 Can you believe it!? It's NOT too good to be true!
    Setup: $100

    Additional Details:
    This is a completely unmanaged server. As long as the server has power, a connection, and is free of hardware problems, my responsibilities have been satisfied.

    Note that this is a brand new server; however, in the event of a hardware failure, the server has a next business day contract with Dell. Please be aware that if FDC does not have a spare of the failing part, the hardware will not be replaced until the next business day. I'm being very up front here, so please understand this agreement.

    You are responsible for OS installation via the DRAC. You may BYOOS (Bring your own OS!) as long as it's legit. Windows Server 2003 STD came pre-installed from the factory, so if you're planning to use it, you are free from OS installation. Also, if you're purchasing a control panel, I can have FDC do the OS/panel installation for you.

    Billing will be handled through Google Checkout.

    Please PM me if you are interested or have further questions.
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    To clear up a little confusion, there are two E5310 processors in this server.

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    PM turn Off ?

    Hi I am interesting in the above deal, but cannont PM you, please contact, thanx

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