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    alternative to this forum?

    Hi folks

    Are there any other active webhosting forum sites around like this one, where users can compare their experiences with hosting companies? I'm not talking about places like webhostingratings, but rather an actual forum like this one. I suspect one might be able to get varying opinions from different forums. (is "fora" the plural? i've never figured out....).

    thanks for any info.

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    There are many...since webhostdir has already been mentioned here are a few more
    There have been threads here at WHT about this subject as well, but I dont have the link...sorry - Quality Web Hosting - Under A Gig! - Since 1999

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    Re: alternative to this forum?

    Originally posted by chundle
    (is "fora" the plural? i've never figured out....).
    Technicall speaking, yes it is, however, to keep it simpler for everyone, forums is considered to be the correct spelling.

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    fora is correct, but even the Romans would acknowledge you don't have to use the grammatically correct expression all of the time

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