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    looking for a webhost

    Iam look for a good & cheap webhost include these things:

    • Unlimited transfer
    • Unlimited e-mail accounts
    • Virus- and spam filter
    • FTP-login - Statistics
    • ASP - PHP5 - MySQL
    • Support (Include PHP), also
    • Supported port also more an then port 80
    • Daily backup
    • Anonym register info on or other whois domain ( I dont want the webhost be able to add my info register in other whois domin website)

    If you know any webhosting like support these thing I want please post it....Thank you

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    You might want to fix a few things up.
    The supported port is a maybe, if you can pay for a dedicated IP(?), or find a host that has apache always listening on another port like 8080 or otherwise.

    unlimited transfer

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    Dear friend, don’t trust dishonest claims like unlimited hosting space or unlimited bandwidth!

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    I would suggest you to reconsider your requirements. Are you really looking for unlimited transfer?
    You need to remember that you will get for what you pay. You will be able to find offers with few TB or a few hundreb GB of disk space or bandwidth, but it is massive overselling.
    Also You need ASP along with PHP?
    There won't be much linux hosts that offer ASP. Some may offer ASP, but it is not MS Asp and you won't find all functionalities of MSasp.
    What do you mean by support(include PHP)?
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    What sort of website will you be running that would require unlimited transfer?

    So far, no host has been able to offer such a luxury, so you'll have to rethink what you need in terms of space and bandwidth.

    Most hosts offer pretty much what you're looking for, cept just a few items. Good luck searching for what you need.

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    You will find web hosts with unlimited traffic but for sure you will not be allowed to use it "to the max".

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    Real Unmetered bandwidth is possible but i think you would fall of your chair when people start to mention pricing. Think in price ranges above the $1000 a month. Guess that is not what you really need?

    p/s since you also need ASP i would search for a Windows host. If ASP is not a real requirement you could choose either windows or linux. even though ASP has some linux implementations i would not recommend it.
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    Omg unlimited transfer, anyways whats your budget ? Is it unlimited too ?

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    What is your budget? Why do you need unlimited transfer?
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    what is ure budget i can give you a high amount of bandwidth but not unlimited

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    What kind of site will you be building with? If it is a simple site that coded with php and utilise mysql, a linux hosting plan will be more than enough.

    Do you have any budget?
    Any preference over what kind of control panel you like? eg. cpanel, plesk, ensim etc
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