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    FTP Passive mode ports


    Can you tell me what are the inbound and outbound ports when FTP Passive mode is used for PureFTPd.

    Thank you.
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    There are no "defined" PASSIVE ports (to my knowledge) but I've been using the following ports under PureFTPD for several years without any issues:

    PassivePortRange 60000 65500

    That will basically allow the FTP daemon and client to open a port between 60000 and 65500 which should be more than enough for even a busy FTP server. Also, if you have a firewall don't forget to open the port range or they will not work.
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    Thank you very much Pat.

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    I believe that RFC 959 just mentions a high numbered port, which would be 1025-65535 for both ends of the data connection.
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