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    WebZipPlus - Online Zip Archiving Script !

    WebZipPlus is a online zip archiving script. This unique script allows users to create zip archive online and download it or send to an email address.
    It is written in PHP and is easy to install and use.


    Easy to install and use.
    It only takes a few minutes to install the script.
    Handy file management panel.
    It's easy to add or remove your files.
    Protected admin area for configuration purposes.
    Many options can be configured through easy-to-use admin panel.
    Support for themes.
    Use sample themes installed with WebZipPlus or create your own.
    Integration into existing site.
    WebZipPlus can be easy integrated into your page.
    Captcha anti-spam protection.
    Protects your site from spammers!
    Customizable email subject and body.
    Provides great marketing capability.
    Files are automaticaly deleted after a set period of time.
    Don't worry, uploaded files and old zip files will be automatically deleted.
    History can be stored in MySQL database.
    You can configure script to collect history about users and zipped files. This information is accessible through configuration area.
    Compatible with all major browsers available.
    Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera



    Price: $39.95. You may use ONE (1) copy of the script on ONE (1) domain for an unlimited amount of time.

    Promotion: Get two months free hosting at on any package that you choose.
    Waveweb Technologies
    Customer Service Guarantee

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    How about updates? Are they unlimited?

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    Yes, you will get unlimited updates for free.
    Waveweb Technologies
    Customer Service Guarantee

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