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    Arrow Free subdomain and hosting

    anyone can tell which software used in the industry by hosting providers for creation of free subdomain and hosting service.

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    So let me get this straight. Do you want to offer a free web hosting service? If so, a program called iPanel is a fantastic program. It creates free sub-domains and hosting accounts. You can also suspend and terminate accounts through iPanel. It also has an illegal file scanner and an inactivity scanner. iPanel also gives you the ability to have forced ads on free user accounts. Just search for iPanel in Google and it will be your first result. For $9.95 Leased a month or $79.95 Owned, you can't go wrong.

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    I used iPanel for a while and it was great, the problem is though that you need to heavily regulate who gets free hosting as you will get the spammers and hackers.

    Also note that iPanel requires root access to force ads

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    thanks a lot for the reply but actually i am not looking to start free webhosting service... but i want...

    create subdomain of the username when user register on the site (like open domains script)

    Then on site he can add own description, upload photos, upload videos (converted into flash). That's it.

    If possible user able to select a web template from the given choicee or say able to customize the look. Users able to comment on videos and photos and rank them.

    Not necessary to send personal messages, blog, and not required any other features like facebook, orkut etc...

    In short user can create own portfolio. Please suggest.

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