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    Anyone use these guys?

    Have any problems?

    Well ive been having some problems

    I use them for one of my domains... I figured, since they are $9.99 ill buy 2 domains from them..

    So 3-4 days ago, I went to go buy 2 domains from them. When I was filling out the order form, after i put my cc info, i hit submit, and it said card was declined.

    so i hit back, and looked over my cc info again......

    Then i hit submit again, then it said duplicate transaction.. wtf?

    so i was a bit confused, I didn't know if it went through anyway, or what.

    so error #1 - card was declined
    so error #2 - duplicate transcation

    When you fill out the order form, they ask you to pick a user/pass. So after i received TWO errors, I decided to try the domain management page.. where you can login with the username/pass you chose.

    So i went to

    I Typed in the username and password that i had chosen on the order form, and it let me login . It works. It lets me login.

    When I login, it says Select domain to modify
    But there are no domains there

    So i decided to wait 3-4 days... I figured, maybe it went through, just a small error. Well, 3-4 days passed, and the domains are still showing up as AVAILABLE, they are not taken by ANYBODY.

    I called my credit card company, they told me that a charge of $20 has been made to my credit card... Ive only done two transactions this month. One from some other company, and one from gkg. they have already charged my credit card, and i have not received my domains.

    When I login to and type in my username and pw I DO not see my domains that i TRIED TO buy, the domains that they ALREADY charged me for.

    I've been trying to call them, everytime i call, they tell me to talk to taylor, well everytime i ask for taylor he "is in the back"


    So as you can see, i'm a bit frustrated right now.

    I've already emailed them, hope I get a response soon. Has anyone had any bad experiences?

    I didn't start this thread in hopes that i would get my domains, or that i would get some help from gkg.... im not turnign this into a burst thread.. im just ranting really. or something like that

    I just want my domains, thats all

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    so while i'm at it

    anyone know of any other good places to buy domains, that are around $10 -- i reallllllllly dont want to pay $35 for LOL

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    1,145 ( $14.95 - but worth it )

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