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    So I'm interupted Friday evening... the phone rings.

    Check the call display, 1-800... damn telemarketers, I'm going to tell this guy off I said to myself.

    I pick up the phone.
    "Hi this is xxxxx from Liquidweb..."

    I had a configuration problem with tomcat, which was causing problems on one of my sites(this is all over my head of course). Was a pain, but wasn't the end of the world for me, as we could put up the regular html page that didn't require tomcat.

    But these guys go out of their way to contact me to discuss the problem. I don't know if this is common, surely not with Layeredtech, so I can't imagine too many companies would do this.
    They are the best. I wish I found them before LayeredTech bent me over. Support is always great.


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    Obviously not with layeredtech. Layeredtech is unmanaged, and Liquidweb is managed.

    Hopefully you didn't expect more out of layeredtech then they provide.

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    Good point... should have taken that into consideration, but still impressed with them nonetheless.
    Layeredtech screwing me over is another story.

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