I have a few domains I wanted to put up for sale, they are listed below, and come with rough asking prices. If you feel these are too high, please make me an offer, and we'll come to an agreement.

  • winkingpig.com / winkingpig.co.uk ($50 For Both)
  • upload3r.com / upload3r.net / upload3r.org ($350 For All 3)
  • pingmyport.net ($25)
  • vpsrealm.com ($50)

Please make all offers in this thread, or PM me, payments should be via PayPal only, and I will only accept payments from Verified PayPal members.

These domains, except for the .co.uk are hosted with Namecheap, the .co.uk is hosted with 4DReg, and can be retagged at the point of sale.