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    * a LIST of ecommerce Hosting companies with shopping cart solutions and choices

    Hi all,

    I am simply looking for links, lists, links to lists, you can even post them here yourself if you represent that hosting company.
    I want to try and compile a nice LIST of all the hosting companies THAT focus themselves on Ecommerce and Sites that utilize Shopping Carts. What do you have for me?

    Just a List please!. Name all that you can name, and please try and keep them only a list that focuses on ecommerce and the like.
    Thanks in advance.

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    You can find list of shopping carts here
    There are more than 200 shopping carts and some of them are hosted solutions

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    Quote Originally Posted by marsd View Post
    you can even post them here yourself if you represent that hosting company.
    No, we can't -- that is prohibited by forum rules. The only place you can request a company pitch themselves is in the Requests/Offers section.

    I don't know of an all-inclusive list like you request ... at least not one that is going to include good-quality hosts. Most hosts and developers worth their salt don't waste their time with list sites... the list sites are pretty much B.S.

    You will have a lot better luck reading posts here at WHT, seeing how people participate, assessing who you find the most helpful, reading reports from hosting customers, and generating your own list that way. The results you get will be far superior to anything you'd find on a list site.

    Good luck with your search!!

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    Check out Agile Hosting.
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