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    Advice on mailserver


    I'm currently hosting a dedicated server with 1300+ mail accounts (exim/maildir/cpanel/ASSP)

    Now I'm looking to get a RAID 5 solution to better protect and add redundacy on my customer data, including a remote backup.

    Would be a smart move to go to a non-cpanel box considering the number of mail accounts?

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    With that number of mail accounts I would seriously consider starting to cluster your mail infrastructure. IMHO going to a large RAID 5 using SATA, or other non-enterprise disks you could actually lower your overall MTBF. (adding complexity and higher probability of a drive failing during a parity rebuild). You could consider using RAID 6, or 10.

    I would build two identical servers, and split the mailbox's between both. Use a mail proxy similar to perdition to point users to the appropriate server where their mailstore is located (exim might already support clustering/proxying/multiplexing, but I'm not sure since I haven't used it).

    Since you are using maildir format, you could entertain the thought of having mailstores on a high available/redundant NFS backend. That way users can connect into either of the front end mailservers. DNS round robin or a load balancer in front of the mail servers would distribute the load somewhat equally.
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    How about HA (High Availability)? Why not try it? You can find details about HA from this link
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