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    Need Recommendations-Site Builder

    I was "elected" to build an inexpensive company website.

    I'm really pretty decent with all the knowledge and can build one with no issues...HOWEVER the problem is that the bosses want to be able to edit if I'm not around and they are very non-computer savvy.

    So which (inexpensive) software should I look at for web site building? Probably WYSWYG would be best, and easy to use for people who aren't exactly the best computer experts in the world.

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    I would suggest dreamweaver, its a pretty decent program, either in design view, or code view.

    Its quite pricey I belive, which is a draw back, but that would be my number one suggestion.


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    I think you'd be better off with one of two options: Wordpress, or the free sitebuilder tools that many hosts provide for free with hosting packages.
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    I'm new at this as well. I was trying to use Dreamweaver.. oh my the learning curve for that is absolutely crazy. I was at an Apple store playing with it, there is absolutely no way I could do something by myself...

    What host are you using it? They usually have a site builder.

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    Dreamweaver is excellent. Its 'design mode' produces poor HTML, but its easy to edit and maintain your website with it. You could also check out Microsoft Expression Web, which is free as well.
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    will take a look at expression web!

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    Quote Originally Posted by amygdela View Post
    You could also check out Microsoft Expression Web, which is free as well.
    Unless there has been a drastic change, Expression Web is free to try for 90 days but something like $399 to purchase. I played with it for the 90 days and it was pretty good. It's similar to their Front Page WYSISWYG but a lot more powerful.
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    We sometimes use Joomla CMS for creating websites for our clients, there is some decent themes available out there as well. Basically once site is built you can update the webpages from the client login area. It does take some getting used to but after a few hours you can easily edit pages online. Trading since 2001
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