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    Question httpd failed after enabling SSL

    I have SSL certificated (GeoTrust) installed on my server for one of my site since last year, and it has been working fine.

    This morning I found my site to be down, SSL connection not working.

    I restarted httpd via WHM, and it failed to restart.

    I removed my SSL certificate using WHM at "Manage SSL Hosts", then I can restart my httpd.

    So, I think there is some conflicts between my httpd and SSL. Any idea how should I solve the problem? I have paid for the SSL cert for two years, and I want it to be back on my site.

    Please help. ~ Online Camera Shop!

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    Dear MaximSupport,

    Thank you very much for the fast reply.

    I am sorry, but where can I find the SSL error log? ~ Online Camera Shop!

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    I rebuild my Apache to v1.3 and now I can't even connect to my database now...are my database gone? I feel like crying now... ~ Online Camera Shop!

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    I have managed to solve the problem by reinstalling Apache again, to version 1.3 but this time tick the link to mySQL.

    Thanks. ~ Online Camera Shop!

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    So your entire problem is solved or just the secondary problem with connecting to your database?
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