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    Philips Flat Panel DIES?

    My father has a "philips 170b2" flat panel monitor.
    The other day it just went black. So I took it and attatched it to my computer and I was still getting the same issue which told me it was a monitor issue and not a problem with the PC.
    I could VERY FAINTLY see the graphics on the monitor. But when I turn the monitor off and then back one for one second, I could see the screen just fine then it would go back to being barely visible. This happens whenever I turn it off and then back on. It'll show fine for one second then black.

    Anyone else had this problem or one similar? Or know of a way to fix it? Thanks.
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    ive had that problem but it seems that you have a different case of it..i just booted into safe mod uninstalled the drivers..then rebooted re-installed drivers..then reboot once more... and it worked..

    maybe your wire isn't connected properly or one of the jacks broke? check both sides of the wire so that you don't have a lose wire or something.. Your probably going to have to send it back :/ imo
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    I think you should contact their support.

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    This sounds like a problem with the inverter board. What seems to be happening is your backlight turns off shortly after you turn your monitor on (this would explain why you can still faintly see the graphics; the LCD is still working, it's just not being lit up).

    I've dealt with a number of LCDs with this issue so far. It's usually caused by a short in one of the (usually) 4 capacitors on the inverter board for the backlight; what manufacturers do is they use (sometimes low quality) capacitors that just barely meet the required values to cut down on costs; this generally causes them to fail faster. I've also seen solder joint problems on these, reapplying solder to the caps resolved the issue. If it's under warranty, try to get the screen replaced.

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