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    Best way to sell off all my ~380 domain names

    Hi - I'm looking to sell off most all of my domain names. There are about 380 of them. Mostly .US one word names that form "- us" phrases. Includes a bunch of 4 letter words and also some other TLDs.

    What would be the best way to sell the whole lot of them? I don't want to go through the negotiating process for each one, so am looking for some place to promote the package and get some offers. It's a good package and I'd be looking for realistic offers.



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    The best idea would be to group them by characteristics or categories and sell them in bunches of at least 10. No real way to sell almost 400 domains as one...

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    pm me the domains

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    If you're able to PM the list to me, too, I'd love to have a look....

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    Paul - thanks for the suggestion, though the names cover a very wide variety of topics so I'm not sure how well I'd be able to put them into logical groupings..

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    plan1 and Domainitor - give me a bit to get the list together. I'm using a few of them and need to be sure that the list I send you is 100%. If I don't get to it today it'll be sometime next week as I'm going to be out of town this weekend.

    Currently I'm primarily looking for suggestions on how to sell the package. Of course, if I get a great offer before I actually start trying to sell then so much the better!

    What do folks think of selling via eBay?

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    You can sell on forums also , but prices are low

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    do u have any lists or idea of any gaming domain names you have?

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    Sign up to a dedicated domaining forum like dnforum or namepros and sell the lot there. They're full of people who transact large deals like these daily.

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    in smaller "groups" and on dnforum would be my suggestion
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    i am interested too , if you can PM me the list .

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    Congratulations. You've bumped into the wall of domains are illiquid assets. I think it's highly unlikely you will sell them in bulk at any kind of reasonable price. You might be able to sell some individually or in small groups. Personally, I'd try to sell them at the next T-R-A-F-F-I-C auction in bulk. It has a large knowledgeable audience and prices are good for good domains.
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    If you don't mind PM me the list of domains, i want to purchase whole lot.

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    I would like a PM with the list of names as well.
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    Thanks all for your feedback. I'll try the domain name oriented forums mentioned.

    I've organized the list a bit. There are 362 domains with length breakdowns as below.

    Length Count
    ------ -----
    4 48
    5 60
    6 59
    7 68
    8 37
    9 43
    10 18
    11 17
    12+ 12

    There are a lot of excellent names which might make it difficult to find the right buyer - someone to give appropriate value to them all.

    Mmm...I can't seem to PM yet (not enough posts) so I'll...

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    When you get enough posts, PM the list to me also.
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