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    Teen needs HTML Legal Advice

    Hey everyone, hope someone could answer this question about my site. A few weeks ago i registered my domain, and made a site for it, the site is up now. At the time I was working for a expensive low quality design site, I made the site you see on Iflowinteractive members took that site after i told them i was going solo, and they copied code and used it on their site. Changing just the content and some colors. I asked nicely for them to take it down, but they will not. Is there anyway that i could get to take down the site I made? Also does anyone like the site? I worked a while on it, take into note im only 14. Thanks for all your help.
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    Your 14 years old, I don't believe you can take legal action.

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    Any other ideas?

    What if I got a team member who was of age? or anything other than legal action?

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    Joey, talk to an attorney in St. Louis with your parents...

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    Dunno whether legally things will be different in the states, BUT your problem lies here:
    "At the time I was working for"

    As an employee, unless your development can be proven to be entirely within your own time on your own equipment and at no time did you use any of their resources, then unfortunately you may find that they do have some precedent which entitles them to work created on their time and equipment etc.

    The world of "Intellectual Copyright" is frought with loopholes that effectively mean that regardless of what you create, you cannot claim it as yours without first taking excessive steps to protect it.

    Personally, while there are nice elements to the design, overall it isn't a masterpiece (very few are!) and I would urge you to question whether it is really worth the aggro?

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