I currently have one dedicated server and four VPSs all using Plesk and all having their own name servers controlled by Plesk. What I'd like to do is consolidate everything so all my sites use one set of name servers.

I'm a PHP developer (and will be developing my own front end), and only have limited knowledge of administrating a server, so first of all if anyone has done this before and made mistakes in the process, please could you share them with me so I can avoid making them?

Secondly, I would like to use a MySQL database for storing the DNS info - I've found a tutorial at http :// www . howtoforge . com / mydns_name_server which I'd like to use - could someone who knows what they're talking about have a skim through this and reassure me that everything there is correct and up to date (the article was written in early 2006 - just checking nothing in the world of DNS has changed since)?

Incase it matters, I'm using Fedora.

(Note: I had to space out the tutorial URL as this forum doesn't let me post links until I've made 5 posts.)