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Thread: Hi, I'm Steve

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    Hi, I'm Steve

    First, I want to say hello to everybody (please, don't criticize my english, not my native language). I started my own reseller hosting in march, last year, got a couple of clients too, but after almost a year I'm not satisfied with my whole business. (yeah, I know, it's my fault) So, that's why I registered here, maybe I get some advice how to promote my web site. I saw, there are many threads where I can get a lot of answers what I'm doing wrong (spent a lot of money for google adwords with poor results). That's all, simply I want to make this business to work...Wow, this was longer then I expected

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    Welcome Steve, where are you from ?
    your english seems fine to me [English / English, rather than American / English]
    hope WHT can help you 'grow'.

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    HI Brian, I'll tell you on yahoo mess if you contact me, ID - bodoistvan
    or on Skype - istvan6161

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