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Thread: Hi im sam

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    Hi im sam

    Hello there, I am sam, I have recently (sept 2007) started my own webhosting company (pointserv) thought i would join here to help give some advise and help to people.

    PointServ Internet Services

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    Hi Sam, how is the hosting business going? I am soon going to invest in my own venture and was wondering whether you had any regrets?

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    Hello there, the inital run of setting up the business was tiresome, and at times costly, but once you have found your target market, things tend to go a lot smoother as time goes on, so i guess i have no regrets, I have recently been able to invest in some racks and dedicated servers too, which is nice. What venture are you setting up?

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    Hi sam, I am a graphic designer and have 20 or so sites that I host all over the place so was hoping to host them in 1 location and then perhaps offer budget hosting to others. I spoke to a few people and they mentioned reseller hosting - so I came here to research it.

    So I guess you could say my venture is reselling hosting. I'm not ready to go the whole ten yards just yet by purchasing my own server, i'll see how reselling goes first.

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    what sort of budget are you looking at for reseller hosting, and what would your requirements be?

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    *ahem*, lets not turn this into a sales thread, m'kay?

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    erm it wasnt going to be, god this place anoys me already, I cant talk about my company and when i offer up general advise I get stabbed in the back.

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    Hi Sam,

    Welcome to WHT

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