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    Any tips to bargian and buy premium domain?

    The domain i am looking for is asking 1188$ at is allowing me to make an offer. I made an offer for 150$, but did not get any response from them. Any tips to make an offer?

    I can have brokers to handle the negotiations, but they charge 69$ plus 10% of domain price. Is it worth to go through them? Any suggestions in the process?

    I couldnt find related tops in this forums. Thanks in advance.

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    Also, I couldnt find any information regarding how long he has been holding the domain, when will it expire, etc.,
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    The art and science of bargaining is so forgotten these days. I have seen sellers asking for ridiculous prices, or even set ridiculous minimum bids; but at the same time, we do have buyers offering unreasonably low first bids. I guess it's a two way street.

    My questions are, WHY would you make an initial offer of $150 (price B) when the asking price is $1,188 (price A)? Do you think the seller's asking price is significantly inflated? What is the highest price (price C) you are willing to pay for this domain? What is the rationale behind the descrepancy between prices B and C?
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    The domain I am looking for is two word, and has 12 chars. I doubt any one else would pay more than regular registration charges at the moment. I specifically need this for my client, so I quoted 150$. My client has these 12 chars plus another 7 chars website at the moment.. so i suggested him to buy this domain as well.

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    Ah.. more than the chars its how well these two words go... has 14 chars but will easily go for a few thousand dollars...

    IMO, the best way to figure out the worth of a Domain is based on a mix of a few things... Google Trends, Forums, Industry... And most importantly instinct....

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    Also, checkout for similar names sold. You'll most likely be unpleasantly surprised.
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