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    * Can u help me in this issue

    iam useing Apache/2.0.61 (Unix) now i planned to increase the max_clinets to 300 for that desided to increase the HARD_SERVER_LIMIT i open the path /usr/local/apache/include/httpd.h when i tried to edit the HARD_SERVER_LIMIT i can able to find that line in httpd.h any idea help me in this issue

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    I think that you only need increase max_clients

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    when i increase the max_client to 300 after restaring my apachi in server staus cpsrvd has been failed

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    try to change max_client to 300

    and then , recompile apache /scripts/easyapache

    Server limits I think will be generated on base of max clients setting

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    then what about HARD_SERVER_LIMIT

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    not woreking any way to change the max client

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    after change max_clients ... you recompile apache or not ??

    apache need recompile to correct problems ...

    cpsrvd is the process of cpanel , type in console: service cpanel restart and wait few moments... it will turn green

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    The correct httpd.h should be located at /home/cpeasyapache/src/include/httpd.h but you don't necessarily need to change it directly, as cPanel already has an option to raise SERVER_LIMIT.

    You may simply login at cPanel, go to Software > Apache Update:
    1. Profile: Previously Saved Config [Start customizing based on profile]
    2. Apache Version: (your choice) [Next Step]
    3. PHP Major Version: (your choices) [Next Step]
    4. PHP Minor version: (your choices) [Next Step]
    5. Short Options List: (your choices) [Exhaustive Options List]
    6. Exhaustive Options list: [CHECK] Raise Hard Server Limit
    7. Save and build

    The above process can be done via SSH as well (using /scripts/easyapache) and finding similarly "Raise Hard Server Limit" in order to enable it and then recompile Apache.

    Wen you choose "Raise Hard Server Limit" (via cPanel or SSH), cPanel patches /home/cpeasyapache/src/include/httpd.h (using /home/cpeasyapache/src/cppatch/raise_hard_server_limit.patch) in order to increase HARD_SERVER_LIMIT from 256 to 2048.

    Thank you.
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    thanks to both of them now it workeing fine,thanks a lotz

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