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    So over the past few years, I've only been through a couple of hosts. None have been particularly bad - I just outgrew them. What I could use now is a host with Subversion, plenty of space and bandwidth (I might like to eventually run a game sharing site), and good reliability.

    I'm currently with a $10 ************ account, and my PHP installation and SQL server have randomly gone out quite a few times (though nothing that major) - and the support wasn't too helpful. Otherwise I've been pretty happy with it - I just don't need Windows hosting anymore, and I think there's better plans out there. My account has about two weeks left, so I'm trying to see if there's better options out there.

    My coworker uses Dreamhost and loves them - mostly because of their transparency and range of features. I must admit it all looks enticing (though I know it's overselling, I'd never probably use anything near that much), and he's offered me half his referral bonus. From what I've read though it doesn't look like many people seem to like Dreamhost. Though I'm wondering if it's just a bunch of stories I'm reading from people who have had problems, and I'm just not reading about the good experiences.

    In my searching, I also ran across A2Hosting. They seem pretty good - but I haven't really heard much about them.

    Basically, my number one requirement is Subversion - I'm sick of messing around trying to set up or find a SVN server to use. I'd also like the price to be in the $10/mo range, because I can't afford much more. Following that, I just need a good amount of disk space and bandwidth, and a reasonable level of reliability. I'm using about 1gb of space and 10gb of bandwidth a month right now, though if I start the site I'd like to run, I could probably use 10 times that much. However, nothing I have is mission-critical - I'm not going to lose money if my site is down now and then (aside from SVN going down) - I just hate when my site is randomly broken, or if it's down too often. Otherwise, a good number of MySQL databases would be nice, and I'd like to host a few domains...but nothing too major.

    So...any suggestions?

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    I'm using Subversion on Dreamhost for a development website - . It's running fine, never had much major problems that weren't my own fault.

    I never had any major difficulties with Dreamhost but I can imagine some people have. However, keep in mind alot of people (that post on or on just complain even if it's their own fault or because they are totally inexperienced.
    I like Dreamhost because I don't have to worry about overgrowing my host in terms of disk usage, they have a nice webpanel and alot of features. The support is great, they have always been helpful to me.

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    I think Dreamhost is the way to go in your case
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