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Thread: PHP 4 or PHP 5

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    PHP 4 or PHP 5

    I have been migrating quite a few old Windows servers to new ones. There is an issue I have been pondering, should I install Php 4 or Php 5, given that Php 4 is discontinued.

    What I am worried about is those I am migrating will face problems since they are using code based on Php 4. Also if I install Php 5, naturally I will be installing My SQL 5 with it. Those users on My SQL 5 will they face any incompatibilities? Or should I install Php 4 and My SQL 4 so as to lessen the chances of incompatibilities.

    Anyone had experiences in such migration? What do you suggest?

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    Important: Do not install mysql 5 yet. Use mysql 4 especially you mentioned that some of your customers are still using php 4.

    If you can, make php5 as the default one and php4 as the secondary php.

    But, most of the scripts will work on php5 though but just in case, you still have php 4 as secondary - play safe :-)

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    Go with php5, there are not many scripts that have issues anymore, and generally the ones that do its easy to fix usually.

    I would use mysql5 personally.
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    We upgraded from php4 to php5 last april, and although it's been almost year and I may have forgot, I don't think there were any customers that reported any incompatibility problems.

    We also upgraded MySQL at the same time. There were some problems that I ran into with the grant tables during the upgrade, but no incompatibility problems there either.

    Of course, we did warn the customers, so maybe they made changes.

    MySQL 5 has great performance improvements over MySQL 4.
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    I don't see how you can still offer php4, given the fact that it is EOL and (thus) a potential risk for your server(s).

    You know that -as an admin- you have to 'force' customers on a given moment to 'migrate' to a new version, or they will never. How long exactly have they had the opportunity to check their scripts?

    Most customers don't have any understanding for safety on a server. They don't have to (upto a certain point) and that's why they have you. You don't run your pc on Windows 95 anymore (and customers don't either), and that is all for a reason.

    If you are really nice to your customers, you can offer them a test account on a php5 server to check their scripts.
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    Does it matter?
    We have Recently Migrated from PHP 4 to PHP 5 On our other servers. Nothing seems to be wrong. There are no reports from the customers. So i can assume its working right. We have PHP 4 as secondary php while php 5 is default (*.php5)

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