Our popular External Management Service is now even better, as it now comes with 10GB Free Remote Backup! So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now!

This service was provided to give way to the clamor of some clients who are satisfied with our service and would like us to handle the Management and Monitoring of their other server as well which are bought/leased from other providers. This is also excellent for clients with Unmanaged Servers or to those with limited knowledge or limited time in Managing their servers. The level of service we will be providing will be the same as the service we are giving our own servers such as Server Hardening, Kernel Upgrading, Software Installation, 5 mins. monitoring and rebooting, etc. This great service is available for only $30 a month, No Setup Fee and No Contract and can Cancel anytime.

Server Management includes but not limited to:

Basic Server Security Hardening (CSF/LFD, APF Firewall, BFD, /tmp Hardening, PHP Hardening, etc.)
Server Monitoring (5 mins. Interval) and Auto Reboot when Needed.
Kernel Upgrades, OS patches, Software Upgrades
Initial Control Panel Setup / Installation / Securing
Control Panel Updates / Upgrades / Securing
Daily Auto Backups Configurations
Backup Restoration
Dns Configuration
Custom Nameserver's assistance
Creating, Deleting & Editing of accounts
Accounts, Files and Database Move Support
Installation of Zend, Curl, GD, Imagemagick, etc.
Unlimited 24/7 Server Reboot
Unlimited 24/7 Technical Support
DDOS Attack Protection
SSL installation assitance
Cpanel/WHM, Direct Admin, Plesk, Free Control Panel such as Zervex, etc and even Without Control Panel are supported.

For more info, please contact [email protected] or signup at https://order.dedicatedplace.com/extmanagement.php and in the promo code enter "WHM-FreeRB".