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    quotaugidlimit problem

    I'm using VPS hosting, and VZPP shows 536 quotaugidlimit used.
    I have 66 accounts on WHM, and they have not more than 2 email/ftp each account.

    It should be about 70-100, right?

    Looks like VZPP doesn't update or refresh quotaugidlimit.

    I asked hosting provider, but they say quotaugidlimit is # of accounts, ftp, email,,,,etc. whatever.

    Anyway, they don't even give me a clear answer for that.
    Even though I delete accounts one by one, the quotaugidlimit sometimes reduced by 1.

    It's like increasing more, and decreasing less.

    What should I do?
    It's really ridiculus because it's unlimited space/domain vps hosting, but it's not.

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    Number of user/group IDs allowed for VPS internal disk quota. If set to 0,
    UID/GID quota will not be enabled.
    Quoted from SWSoft Virtuozzo Administrator Guide
    Singapore Managed Colocation
    Singapore BGP Announcement

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    It is the quota files, which means groups and users in most cases.

    An easy way to estimate how many quota files you are using is...

    # cat /etc/passwd | wc -l
    # cat /etc/group | wc -l

    In this case, by default I would have about 90 quota files, however cpanel may use additional.

    If you have 66 CPanel accounts, that means atleast 132 quota files (users and groups) + system users and any other users that cpanel runs quotas for.

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