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    Need PHP5 Developer for open source web game project

    hxxp:// is our project. We are a fork of the Kitto project (credits to Owl), we basically aim to add the missing features and make the game be able to work for any genre of game. We need a few PHP developers to help out, some work is paid. Testers are needed as well to help test our new code.

    The project contains a PHP5 OOP implementation of a web game. It has a login/register system, item/shops system with restocks, pet creation system, forums and mail system, full admin interface.
    We use 'ghettocrons' for the cron system, but using standard cron is supported. Smarty, htmlpurifer, tidy-wysiwyg active tables, mod_rewrite (for the nice urls, shop/userid/shopid rather than /shops.php?owner=10821&id=1032), modular system.

    Thank you for reading this post and hope someone will get involved.

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    I think this is more suited to the Employment Offers and Requests forum. Hopefully some kind mod will move it for you.

    This forum is more of a discussion about programming than some where to hire programmers.

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