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    Server Location Matters ???

    Hello -

    I have my website viewers from All Over USA. And i am thinking to Change VPS. My Present Server Location is in Dallas, TX.
    And i am thinking to a Buy A VPS in Miami.

    Will this effect any of my viewers? As Dallas in middle of USA, I guess its fast for all over USA, compared to Miami... ???

    please suggest

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    In my opinion, I would say No. You would not be effected.

    The networks in the US are so extensive that you wouldn't have an issue.

    Now, if your target users were in the US and you decided to go for a server in Australia, then I think it would be a concern.

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    In my opinion the only thing that really make the difference it's from the SEO point of view. Just that. Otherwise don't worry

    Best regards,

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    Do a lot of research on the data center you are going to. Knowing the history of a data centers uptime, support are key points to look at. I was on a VPS at one time and quickly found that i needed more BW than most VPS host provide you. Keep in mind that if you have a very high traffic site a Dedicated server will be better for you to grow on with out having to move again. This is because you are still sharing the port on with the other sites that are on the VPS server.

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    Uptime's important definitely.

    Location is not a huge matter, really. For me though, when you have a large website, and you want more servers, get one in Cali, Penn, etc... it's always good to have them all over the place if you like it that way.

    At least you have a better idea of where to put them. - Sell your cell for cash!

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    It depends on what you're doing. For web applications, location isn't usually a noticeable factor until you're traversing continents.
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    Unless you are running a large scale, heavy used web application. Just about anywhere in the US should provide you with sufficient trip times.
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    Since it will be still located within the US there should not be much difference in terms of speed.

    For Example:

    It would be different if you had a server hosted in the US, and the majority of your customers were in europe. Only then would there be a noticable drop in performance when compared to a server in europe.

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    Yes, the less latency between server and visitors means that requests are going to reach the server quicker.

    But it only matters to a certain extent, its not worth changing providers/locations to gain 10 or 30ms less latency.
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