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    Absolute Hosting Beginner

    Hello to you all.

    I am new to hosting but am very keen to get involved. Am looking for a reseller package that would handle all the support aspects while I concentrate on marketing and learning the business.

    Am thoroughly confused by the wealth of varied information around. Also I have looked at the enormous amount of abuse directed towards ***** but it does seem to have the resource to take the pressure off while I learn.

    Appreciate my objectives may be somewhat naieve but would be greatful for your advice/opinions.

    Thanks for your patience.

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    A big part of why you get a reseller discount is that you provide support to your customers. If you don't want to do this probably an affiliate system would work best...

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    Thanks Walter

    Obviously this is something I should look into in more depth. Will do just this and weigh up what I'm wanting to achieve for now.

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    Hi wafuki,
    Unless you already have clients, its probably best to refer your clients to your host if you are wanting the host to handle all aspects of the client.
    Reselling requires YOU handling the support, payments, etc.
    You might find some useful info at - Quality Web Hosting - Under A Gig! - Since 1999

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    Cheers for the link. A lot of useful info to look through. I probably understated the degree of involvement we want in the industry. We do want to deal directly with our customers and handle billing etc. Steps have already been taken to this effect.

    It was more a case of ensuring clients had access to genuine technical support.

    I will look again at the information available. I do want to get into this business seriously over the coming months and years but it is definitely impotant that customers are satisfied and all business is in good faith.

    Lots to learn!

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    Some host do offer tech support to the customers of resellers.

    You make less profit, or course, but can still be a host and learn the business. I think both, and offer plans for resellers where they provide the technical support for hosting customers. There are others.

    Basically, you are the host, with them doing all the backend. You can also become a reseller and contract out all your customer support with or some similar company.

    Many threads here debate the merits of contracting out customer support. Do a search on tech support, customer support, outsourcing and Bobcares to read what others think about outsourcing support.

    Best wishes,


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