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    Move from hosted VPS to home-based?

    I run a handful of websites and forums. Two of them are quite busy. Currently I have a entry-level VPS ($39/month) hosting plan with a good webhost. Lately, I've been setting up and testing some websites on my Mac Mini at home and it works pretty good.

    Would you recommend moving my sites from my host to my Mini at home? What are some pros and cons about hosting at home and what are things I have to think about regarding connection speed, uptime, backups, etc?


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    First thing is you need to check with your ISP whether they allow you to run a web server on your home connection.
    I won't suggest you to run your websites on a home connection if you are into serious hosting. But it is really good if it is some hobby or testing.
    Giving a few $$ per month will give you 24/7 power and network redundancy.
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    Home hosting:

    - Slow connection / even slower upload
    - ISP problems / not letting you do hosting
    - Computer must be online 24/7/365
    - Heat/cooling problems
    - Uninterruptable power requirement
    - Hardware replacement problems
    - Fire suppression requirement
    - Others others others...

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