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    Question Pay to use Yahoo Messenger ?

    Hi .. yahoo is planning to take away yahoo messenger by Aug. 25th if you want to keep your yahoo messenger free of charge please send this to everyone you know. It will be used as a petiton. Each person you send this to counts as one "signature" If this petiton gets 1,000,000 signatures they will keep yahoo messenger. If not you will have to pay $10.00 to have yahoo messenger (per month) If you care or even if you don't please for everyone... copy and paste this
    Suddenly some guy added me to his list and posted this, what`s the purpose? I havn`t noticed anything about it on the web yet..
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    I've seen things like this on's bullsh*t, just ignore it.

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    Well it's yahoo.
    Lots of fat cats in charge of yahoo.
    It won't be true but in the future .
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    Another stupid chain message...

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    Oh goodness. Those things are everywhere. Just ignore it like everyone else said.

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    Yeah, I've seen many many many similar ones.

    Worst ones are those that ask you to delete some windows .exe files because it is a trojan, and send it to everybody!

    I wonder if I can create something like this and tell people to visit my website, as it is going to be considered a petiton
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