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  1. #1 is right for windows hosting

    i want to make a website for downloading songs so godaddy is right for that or not?

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    yah you are right godaday is best

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    hey can i upload songs on my website?i think its a music piracy so der is any way for uploading songs on my website?

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    If it is a pirated content then it is most likely that your host will not allow it on their servers.
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    der is no any other way plzz if it is den tell me

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    I wouldn't recommend Godaddy for hosting. But if you do have the right to offer the music for download, check the WHT offer section: - shared hosting - VPS

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    Actually I have never heard anyone recommend GD. You might want to do a search on WHT to see their reviews for Windows Hosting before you make a decision.

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