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    Question :confused: exact reselling??

    once i buy a reseller account from a webhost do i have to pay my webhost a monthly charge for my clients too. like i buy 1GB,25GB bandwidth.H-sphere CP, etc etc... for $35/mo from someguy.

    i sell 100mb space to a client and allocate 100mb from my 1 gb and create an account for $7/mo.

    in this sceanario do i have to pay any monthly charge or anything to my webhost for my client as well. i.e apart from $35/mo i don't have to pay for anything else right,
    is it i have to pay some extra amount($5/mo) for each client website i add apart from the 35/mo

    totally .

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    There are, basically two types of reseller programs.
    One allows you to sell pre-configured plans. That is the host sells you a plan at a discounted price and you resell it for whatever (generally) price you fix.
    The other, is where you purchase a large amount of diskspace and bandwidth, and divide it however you wish.

    In your above scenerio; you are combining the two.
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    Rytha, i think ur confused about H-Sphere licencing..

    I was also confused but Tracy from explained me so i can understand.
    They give 10 accounts free (accounts=billable customers=control panel users) for the $35/month ur referring.

    Each of this account can have unlimited domains hosted.
    Suppose i can host all my 15-20 domains using one account and my customer's 6 domains in the 2nd account. So now 8 accounts left which i can similarly use.

    H-Sphere charges per user. So gives 10 accounts free (absorbs the charges.. maybe ) and after the 10th account u have to pay $4.95 one time for each new account.
    This is a Setup Fee which H.Sphere charges. Since its not monthly so u get a small hole in ur pocket one time, and after the first month u enjoy ur regular profit

    Hope this clarifies... and i hope i'm correct in explainig

    Any more inputs... Tracy!.. if ur here
    or u can email him [email protected] (to test also as he says his replies are fast! )

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    I could not have said it better.

    Tracy Phillips

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    thanx for the reply guys. webrez you never logout of wht is it
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