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    Ad free image upload website, what do you think of it?

    Comments / criticisms welcome!

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    oh man..
    it can surely add some more works..
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    Ad free image upload website
    what do you think of it?
    Either you have too much time or money, or you found a revolutionary way to make money without ads on such websites. What I think is that as soon as it picks up, your banned by your hosting provider for over using resources and you haven't made a dime with monetizing.... because there wasn't any.
    hi there!

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    Well maybe because having ads is annoying, which is why I created it. I wanted it to be simple and I am not trying to make money off of it. Why is it hard to believe that a website is made just for the sake of it, and not to be greedy and make money?

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    caus it takes money to host a web site. Unless your using a free host, and in that case as already stated you will probably be kicked out for overusing resources

    But i aggree. So many sites today are made just for making money. It's nice to see one that comes from the heart. Just, usually you would at least put a banner on there to cover your hosting costs

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    I like the simplicity of it Goodluck with it, as it gets larger get a VPS. -- Discover the latest Electronic Dance Music

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    nice site, and it's not a sin to have some income just to pay for your domain/hosting needs, it's not earn money, it's just use the few dollars your site give you to keep it alive

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    I like the screaming guy.

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    Cool concept. I think you need to improve graphically though.

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