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    [Hiring] Sales Staff


    Wicks Hosting is currently looking for sales staff to work on commission (with the possibility of a permanent salary in the future). We are looking for candidates that can use traditional as well as creative approaches to bring in new sales.

    The following commission structure is what we currently have in mind for new sales staff, although we would be more than happy to discuss it with you.

    100% of the first two months
    75% of the next two months
    50% of the next six months
    25% recurring

    Commission would continue to be paid for as long as the client remains with us.

    Just to give you some background on our company, Wicks Hosting is a family owned business located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We have an emphasis on customer service and support (which our family provides) and have been operating for over two years.

    If you are interested, we welcome your resume (if available) to [email protected]. You can also reach me at 888-376-6240 to discuss this. If you have any questions you may contact us using the same methods.

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    * e-mail

    Hey jeff i have sent you an e-mail

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    Sending an email now

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    Hi Jeff,

    Have sent my resume just now...kindly check
    Keep Smiling !!

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