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    Exclamation Did MS send out buggy update to XP?

    My computer at home crashed on me last Saturday. Windows XP Pro is still not working. Using another OS I have (Multi boot) I can look at files and also connect out to the interent. However, before I had the problem I had received a Microsoft Security Update and after it had installed it required me to shut down the computer. I did and after that the background came on, and the icons on the desktop came on intermittent. Nothing seemed to work. Still trying to get the main Windows XP Pro running again, but no luck so far. It is a genuine copy bought by me, so it is not some pirated issue, but some sort of really strange behavior on the computer. Hard drive and RAM is fine.... I checked it. Also the OS I am in now can connect to internet, obviously, as I am posting this. XP Pro, nope.

    Now at work my computer, a XP Home version, had an update that I got from MS and installed, again, requiring me to reboot. Similar thing happened. Background came on, then all the icons. Except there were not all the icons in the taskbar that there was supposed to be. I clicked on "My Computer" and
    ALL icons dissappeared and then came back on, but not the explorer. I clicked on Control Panel. Again ALL icons disappeared briefely, and came back with no Control Panel.

    With the computer at work I booted down and started up in safe mode and choose "system restore" . I restored it back to Sunday, and rebooted. All came up well, no issues whatever.

    Needless to say, I went through the rest of the computers at the winery (work) and set all the computers to diable the automatic updates, so NO updates from MS are downloaded and installed. I want to find out a bit more about this.

    So, has anyone had or heard of similar experiences?
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    No issues here.
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    Not had an issue with xp since... well... never.

    I would look for a cause between the monitor and back of your chair.

    Seriously, sounds like you might have some odd program installed on both work and home computers. That is what I would check. Or maybe you messed around with the registry in the past... could be a number of things. Who knows....
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