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    * Could this work

    hi i am thinking of making a site which allows each main user to have his/her own chatroom, which they can set up for a certain time not have it perminet, also a private message type forum where the users can send each other private messages like on this site but not public forum.
    the main user will be the person who organises the chat etc and has control over the other users he allows in etc a max of ten.
    basically i would like to know if this would use loads of bandwidth as each person having a kind of forum and chatroom (not always their) would mount up and i expect a lot of visits?
    any ideas, is this possible, is this codeable?

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    What you want to do is possible and bandwidth is not usually a problem. The problems with chat rooms is that they tend to be very processor intensive and you would need a dedicated server to have more then 40-50 people on at a time.

    See this thread for some info:

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