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    Please review and comment on our site

    Hello All,

    We recently launched the new Infinitie site and we would like to get extensive feedback on our layout and functionality.

    the site is:

    If possible, can we get some comments on the overall look and feel, how easy it is to read plans, and order (no need to complete order, but you get the point)

    Any other comments and what not, would be super appreciated.

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    Overall look is nice.
    There are some bad points though.

    The picture with the fish jumping into the empty aquarium makes me think that nobody uses your hosting and I'll be the first. Not very attracting
    It's better to show large numbers of existing satisfied customers

    Two "Live chat" links - why? Leave only that which shows status.
    BTW, I load the page and the status is "offline" - not a good start

    200.0GB Hard Drive Space
    2500.0GB Bandwidth
    1024MB RAM Minimum
    - the numbers are hard to read! Isn't it better:

    200 GB Hard Drive Space
    2.5 TB Bandwidth
    1 GB RAM Minimum

    The phrase "Most Popular Select DGS - VPS Plans" confuses me in two ways. First, what those abbreviations mean? Better say just "Most popular plans" - I've already clicked on the Virtual server link, so I know what kind of plans to expect.
    Second, if those are most popular, where are the rest?

    Plan comparison can be MUCH more clear in a TABLE, not a list.

    Four little "Signup" buttons represent four payment options. Why make the big button?! How do I know what option is that? It appeared 1-month + setup, but I didn't know!

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    A comparison table would be great, the design look great, easy to read, clean and simple. About the two online support banners, I think it's OK.

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