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    Selling all unused scripts from projects that "didn't make it"

    Hi there,

    I have the following scripts available for sale from projects that were planned but never made it to the public. All prices are fixed meaning no "bids" accepted.

    1 x PHPLinkdirectory License (unbranded version normally 75 US$)
    Will sell for: 45$ (save 30$)

    1 x webdirectory pro (normally 79$)
    Will sell for: 40 US$

    1 x Host Directory Pro (normally 79$)
    Will sell for: 40 US$

    1 x realchat (351m-222e)
    This is a bargain as this product was replaced by realchat with a new version (which is not better than the old one because of limits). It's basically a java chat server / client for unlimited connections which was sold for 500$ a year ago. YOu can see a demo at dnforum as they use this version too I believe.
    Will sell for: 250 US$
    (be aware that they do not have a demo of the old java version anymore)

    1 x MiniBB Commercial License (branding removal - normally 60$)
    Will sell for: 30 US$

    1 x Social Networking Community (normally 119$)
    Will sell for: 80 US$)

    I might add a few more things after browsing my "Purchased but unused) folder" later.

    PM me for details or if you wish to purchase any of the licenses above.

    As a PHP programmer myself I am willing to install any of the products above for a low installation fee.

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    Very nice prices.
    Do you have any more scripts from scriptsfrenzy as I might be interested in euploader.

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    Sadly not as I only purchased the two mentioned above as they were meant for a mixed directory project which was dropped.

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    I'll purchase "Host Directory Pro" :)

    Could you send a ticket to WHT for license verification?

    Best regards,
    Just Freelancing on the Net

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    I will ask WHT if they can verify the license (I don't think so tho because normally they only verify VBulletin licenses as far as I know).

    I will let you know more once I have a reply to ticket JMX-17351
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    BlackMail please submit a ticket. We will verify every license that the creator will communicate with us. There are a few providers who do not respond. If so we will confirm that you have tried to have the license confirmed but the provider did not reply.

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    Thank you Odd Fact I have submitted the ticket right after it was requested (see ticket number above JMX-17351)

    Thank you for your support

    P.S: I find it great that you offer such a great service like verifying licenses. Most sites would charge for something like that because it takes at least 10 minutes of your time to verify a license (read ticket, contact author, reply to ticket etc). That said, it's great to see a forum community care so much.

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    I am also interested in Host Directory Pro license. Just let me know once license verified by WHT staff.

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    Host Directory Pro has been sold and the license has been transfered. The other products are still available.

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