popular porn stars/adult entertainers

traffic is organic/bookmark and from keyword searches at google, yahoo, msn, etc

login ---> stats

pass ---> temp

group #1 ---> all offers welcome

50 sites ---> 150,000+ unique visitors per month

stats summary ---> 1mb file (wait patiently to load)


domains registered at moniker


group #2 ---> all offers welcome

100 sites ---> 315,000+ unique visitors per month

stats summary ---> 2mb file (wait patiently to load)


domains registered at moniker


answers to questions you might have regarding the sale:

can the groups be split? no. because the way they were setup. each group is a closed linked network and must remain so.

how are the web sites setup? static. html pages with images.

will you transfer/setup web sites? yes. within 24 hours everything will be on your server.

reason for sale? time. focus and priorities are with other projects this new year. somebody can better utilize the sites and create a nice revenue stream with this already established networks.

any legal problems? none whatsoever. free and clear of worries and none that could be foreseen. never was a single issue that couldn't be resolved promptly.

any of the individual web sites/groups ever been sold before? some domains part of the groups have been sold off for a minimum of four figures and removed. just a handful but not so recently.

revenue ---> unknown. as a sale was never planned individual site/group tracking was never setup and cannot be provided. all sites are priced accordingly, under the circumstances, traffic levels is the only thing that has been taken into account.

web hosting ---> cheap. sites do not require much bandwidth or resources.

scripts ---> none.

content ---> included. amateur pictures of models that can be found on each site under the sponsor content if there is any. all 2257 docs/releases, id scans and a csv of all content used per each domain. sponsor content/material which is already on the site is not included, however, it is transferable if you have an account and are an active affiliate of the program.

payment method ---> to be determined. open to escrow options via moniker.com or escrow.com.

interested? have another question?! hit up icq: 396-972-469 or email: buzz @ afriku.com