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    help needed in max clinet

    Now my site online users went more that 200,my max client is 200 now server load slow can i increase the max client to 250,help me in this issue

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    Can you give us more details?

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    bro what kind of details u need,now my dout is can make the max client form 200 to 250 it will help in increae in server spped

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    I think your "bro" is asking what server software is limiting your max clients? httpd? ftpd? pop3d? smtpd? etc etc?

    What server software / version are you running?

    By "slow" do you mean bits per second speed (i.e network link) or dynamic page generation speed (i.e. CPU), etc, etc.

    Also, use this coool feature called "Check Spelling".

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    httpd is limiting down my server,os is redhat4 also iam useing cpanel,slow means site oepning slowly,when i check apachie status 200 request has been filed up,can i change the max client in httpd.conf

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