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    Here's one to pick your brains:

    I own a resseller account at (yes i know...), and buy all my domain names through

    Now what I want to offer people who visit my sites, is the ability to sign up for free web-based email service such as with

    PROBLEM: and will not allow to make any changes to the mx records that require you to do to offer the free web-based email.

    QUESTION: Does anyone know a way around this?
    Does anyone know a hosting company that allows you to change the mx records as well as host your site?
    Or Does anyone know if I can change my nameservers in my dns settings to go to a dns rerouter and still hold my html files on my fasthosts account (such as

    These are the places I have been for research but not much luck:

    All your help and ideas greatly appreciated, I'm sure the outcome of this question will be helpfull to many.


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    Technically it is very much possible to keep your html files where they are and dns elsewhere,

    Dont know if anyone will give you control to do you Dns modification of Mx records, but i think if you ask your host to do it for you they would do it usually at no charge, Atleast we do it for our clients

    Manish Kapadia

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    Lightbulb Everyone net

    you may be able to do this using the free 20mb package that offer?

    I have been using their 300mb package but have moved host to the USA as the bandwidth was high. But I point the name to the ip address of the usa host. You get full DNS access.


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    I think a number of hosts do offer mx record changes..we do, so I would expect if you just enquire through tech support of companies you're looking at they would be able to give you a yes or no pretty quickly.

    hope this helps.


    Simon Weller
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