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    Hand Submission to 100 TOP PR web directories. Get Traffic/Inc. PR. Just $10


    As the title of the thread states, I am offering manual submission of your website to 100 seo friendly, non-reciprocal web directories (no link to them required) for just $10 USD.

    I have offered this service here before and had many pleased clients. I am only looking to accept a maximum of 10 clients for this project so order quick to ensure your website gets a boost in traffic and google page rank.
    Other places will charge $20 or more!

    What will this do for my website?

    After we submit your website to these directories your link appears publically in the web directory it was submitted to. This is great for an increase in targeted traffic to your website as the person was obviously searching through the directory and was interested in your website. Now you will have 100 extra permanent opportunities for people to "stumble" across your website.

    This will also increase your inbound links on the search engines (sites that link to you). This helps to increase the popularity/page rank of your website, especially on low PR websites.

    How to order/questions?

    If you would like to order or have any further questions regarding this please contact me via email or msn at support[@] (MSN would be the faster method, probably).

    Thank You,
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    Don't know what happened to this post, so i'll quote it and update the poster with the answer.

    Quote Originally Posted by nuvolona
    Hi Geoff,
    is the submission service still available? I have tried to add you to msn but it seems I cannot find you online. If I am still in time to apply to this, please reply. Thanks

    Yes this service is still available, you probably never saw me online due to timezone difference but I will be online most of the day today if you need help with something.


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