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    CreativeVPS, do you have some reviews??

    Somebody have a vps with this guys???

    I have one VPS with them, but I am using this VPS only to make a backup storage of some others accounts of others servers. I have not any important website with creativeVPS.

    At this time the servers seems to be good for storage backups. But I would like to hear somebody that haver important website with them giving us an sincerity opinion about creativeVPS.

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    Joseph is a good guy. Don't know much about Daniel however I have seen a few reviews about them in the past.
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    I hosted with them, but have since moved to another host (not the one in my siggy)

    It started well with them, and they worked with me when my site got Dugg *that sucked btw* but the last month it seemed as if to many high resource sites got put on the Alpha node that I was on, it took about a minute for cPanel to load, even when the site was dead *didnt have many visitors on at the time, maybe 20 people online).
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    I'm on my third month with real problems so far.

    Joseph (owner) is always around to answer questions and help out with problems. Ticket response times are pretty quick.

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    thanks! man

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